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World with you_eng

I want to find myself in you. Before I found you, I was like a compass that had lost its north. Without direction or route, it’s in you that I want to find myself every day. In you I find things that I didn’t know about myself, new feelings and new sensations. 

I was lost, not knowing where my place in this world was. After all, I found out that my place is not at north, south, east or west: you are my place. You’re the color of peace, of love, what I call Home. 

My heart is wherever you are. From now on, we are one in body and in soul. The dream has become true. 

Among all the seven billion people that exist in the world, I found you. The warmth of your hug and the sweetness of your kiss are like the air I need to breath. 

Let me be forever your shoulder, your confident and your partner at the most special journey of our lives that starts today. 

Give me your hand baby and let’s explore this new world together. 

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Creative direction , styling, stationery and Floral Design by Plano a – organização de eventos

Photography by Samuel Fagundes fotografia

Videography by Nuno Leal

Hair design by Bárbara Leandro

Make up by Joana Salvador

Bride´s dress and hair piece by Anah Hanna

Groom’s Attire by Officina do Homem

Wedding Cake by Happy Life in the Kitchen

Jewelry by Teles – Momentos com Valor

Models: Lara and Rui, World with you